Mariah Carey Spends Over $200,000 On Furniture

That’s a whole lotta chairs! Well, actually probably not. For us (you know, the people who shop at Ikea, Pottery Barn and Levitz) $200,000 could buy up an entire store. But when you spend your money in Melrose Avenue’s Kreiss Showrooms alongside an interior decorator, it’s an entirely different story.That’s exactly what Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did this week alongsideKenneth Bordewick. The singer chose ” stylish items in beige and taupe with dark wood frames in rosewood and mahogany”.Nick and Mariah had the store to themselves and worked together while choosing their furnishings. “It was like a raid – the shop was closed down and her huge minders stood guard at the door. Mariah clearly knew what she wanted, but took her time making sure she got the right matches and designs. She has terrific taste.”They looked very much in love and she looked great.”


February 27, 2009. Mariah Carey. 1 comment.