Miley Cyrus Justin Gaston Sushi DATE

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston out for sushi in LA on Sunday night.


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Miley Cyrus And Justin Gaston’s Day At The Grove

Ever the adorable couple, Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Gaston were spotted arm-in-arm during a midday outing in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 7).The cute couple hit up the popular Grove Shopping Center, with Miss Cyrus carrying a camera in-hand as she chatted with her underwear model beau.While out, the 16-year-old “Hannah Montana” starlet dropped by the Barnes & Noble bookseller, signing autographs and greeting fans as she promoted her new book “Miles To Go”.With Miley’s mom Tish also along for the promotional outing, the group also squeezed in lunch at the Cheesecake Factory among a few other stops.

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Miley Cyrus And Justin Gaston Work Up A Sweat!

Spending more and more time together in the public eye, Miley Cyrus and Justin Gastonwere spotted out running in Toluca Lake on Saturday (February 28).The Disney starlet sported a grey t-shirt overtop a green bikini top with jean shorts as she worked up a sweat alongside her shirtless underwear model beau.Meanwhile, Miley’s “Hannah Montana: The Movie” co-star Mitchell Musso recently chatted with MTV about the upcoming theatrical release scheduled for April 10th.“It has a lot more drama,” Musso explained. “There’s a lot of sentimental things [in the script] that came from her heart and Billy Ray’s heart, because that’s where they live. They shot in all the areas they used to hang out in.“Miley doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana,” he said of the film’s plot. “She wants to go back [home] and be her own thing, and falls in love with a boy there and doesn’t want to leave,” he adds of the plot.

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Miley Cyrus Snuggles Up To Justin Gaston

At her Miley Cyrus own house, she  snuggled up to boyfriend Justin Gaston, do you think they look cute? Comment! 😀

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Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Riverside Bike Ride

Miley Cyrus and special friend Justin Gaston share even more laughs as they go on a morning bike ride in Los Angeles on Friday (February 27).The duo enjoyed a night out last night, grabbing a bite to eat at popular restaurant, Mo’s Diner.After their bike ride, Miley, 16, rode her bike to her pilates class.

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Miley Cyrus And Justin Gaston:Mo’s Date Night

Stepping out for a dinner date, Miley Cyrus ventured out to Mo’s restaurant in Toluca Lake with boyfriend Justin Gaston on Thursday night (February 26).The “Hannah Montana” starlet and her underwear model beau laughed amongst one another as they walked side-by-side into the popular eatery, both wearing black t-shirts with Miley in white trousers while Justin sported blue jeans.

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Selena Gomez Allegedly Flirting With Justin Gaston

Is Selena stealing Mileys boyfriend? .. Miley Cyrus reportedly accused Selena Gomez of giving Justin Gaston “sexy eyes and flirting with him.

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Selena Gomez Showing Her Middle Finger

Singer and actress Selena Gomez (16) shows off her middle finger while spending time with Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato in Hollywood. of course this is just a random picture that was taken by a mistake. no hard feelings what so ever, just kinda funny :)

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Justin Gaston Lands Miley Cyrus And Billy’s Pie Too

It looks like all is not well at the Cyrus household.  Miley Cyrus’ guy, Justin Gastonis a royal pain in @ss.  Miley needs a new man boyfriend. Maybe one that still lives with HIS parents and is still a kid too.Ever since her 20-year-old boyfriend, Justin Gaston, moved into the family home in Toluca Lake, Calif., Miley’s been battling with her parents, dad Billy Ray and mom Tish have been quarreling, and even her little brother and sister have been ganging up on her, sources tell Star.

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Justing Gaston Talks About Relationship With Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus‘ special friend Justin Gaston looks good looking in these pictures. The underwear model bares his chest for the Spring 2009 edition of VMAN Magazine.During his chat with the magazine, Justin opens up about his relationship with the “Hannah Montana” cutie. Although the 20-year-old hunk hasn’t publicly clarified his relationship status with Miley, he praises the teen star’s influential role in his life.“I look up to her,” Justin says. “It’s nice to have someone there who already knows what’s going on. It helps you plan your next steps.” He adds, “I’m totally doing it with her!”

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