Mitchel, ‘I’m Such A Little Punk Thug’

on’t mess with Mitchel “Mad Dog” Musso! You might get a cap in yo’ a… sorry, we mean bottle cap. And it’ll be more of a graze than actually in. Well, let’s let him explain. “I’m such a little punk thug,” Mitchel told while promoting his self-titled debut album (which just dropped). “I love Cash Money Millionaires — Lil’ WayneBirdman.”

And how about his thuggish friends? “Eminem and Dr. Dre have been on [theHannah Montana] set with their kids. Both of them were down to earth, thuggish, but cool. Little Haley [Eminem’s daughter] was chillin’ in my room the whole show. She’s so sweet. She didn’t talk that much though. I think she was kind of freaked out because I had a poster from 8 Mile on my wall.”

Wow. You’re such a bad boy, Mitch! You’re friends with Eminem’s daughter. You have an 8 Mile poster in your room. You have a tattoo. You’ve broken bones skateboarding. You… um, have a curfew?

“[My parents] call me and tell me, ‘You’re still 17, Mitch. You need to be home by 11 o’clock.’”


June 5, 2009. Mitchel Musso.

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