Kristen Stewart Sports Fake Locks in Latest Photo Shoot for Allure


Taking a day off from filming “” in Italy,  went to Santa Monica on Tuesday, June 2 for a photo shoot. Posing for Allure magazine, the 19-year-old beauty wore a black long-sleeved costume matched with a black skirt and high boots. She also wore fake black locks and thick make-up. 

The photo shoot was taken at a pier of a beach in Santa Monica. At that time, Stewart actually suffered intense pain in her ankle due to an injury. She was still professional though as she put on an ankle brace and finished the project with a limp. 

As of late, Kristen Stewart received an award for Best Female Performance category during 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Taking the stage to give a speech, she honestly admitted to her fans that she was “awkward”. Her “Twilight” co-star Peter Facinelli commented on her attitude, saying “That’s just Kristen. I think she has that shaky knee syndrome and that’s part of her charm.”


June 5, 2009. Kristen Stewart.

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