Zac Efron’s Ex – Kay Panabaker Is 17 Again Stunning

Kay Panabaker (also known as Zac’s ex girlfriend) shows off the blue streak in her hair as she arrives at the 17 Again premiere held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday night (April 14). The 19-year-old actress used to star alongside17 Again leading man Zac Efron in the WB’s Summerland. Fame costars Anna Maria Perez De TagleKherington Payne and Asher Book also showed up to support the film.


April 16, 2009. Zac Efron.


  1. jenny replied:

    kay es lo ++++++++++++++

  2. janis replied:

    I like you 2006year movie

  3. mari replied:

    eres muy bonita y alegre

  4. ale replied:

    iioOp noOp poOedoOp creeR ke el gOoaPPiizizizizimoOp de zac efroOn OoXea ella noOp es su tipoO auke este boniithap su tipoO es como un dark peroOp zack??????????? oviOop ke no oxea!!!!!!!!!! perOop bOoeNoOp NoOp Nox poOdemoOs metheR eN la vidtha the loOs supeR staRsss!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha biie biie

  5. Joao Porto replied:

    She pretty and I love her performance you can always count on me.

    XD !!!!!!!!!

    I Love You Girl!!!

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