Gorgeous New Selena Gomez PhotoShoot

Teen superstar Selena Gomez looks super cute in a new photoshoot. She took them earlier this year but were never leaked until now (kinda sad coz she look amazing in them!!) Selena sported a ruffled white shirt, with brown pants and suspendors and a white beret. Cute outfit? Tell me if you think its hot or hot ;)


April 14, 2009. Selena Gomez.


  1. krupali replied:

    selena is my icon..i just adore her…she is super cute..whtever she wears…looks awesome on her..

  2. keanujones replied:

    thats so true

  3. Laura replied:

    There is something very hot about her wearing a shirt. Such a turn on 😉 I love her 😀 ❤

  4. javiera replied:

    esta buena la foto pero eberian de poner mas

  5. Rohit replied:

    She is so cute my ambition is 2 meet Selena Gomez….

  6. fatima replied:

    She is absolutely positively HOT and totally AWESOME!
    love love her!i am her biggest craziest no.1 fan!

  7. rooya replied:

    haadahaa vaa salhi e dho!

  8. RIDHIMA replied:


  9. arye joseft replied:

    she is so dam adorable wit dem cute chicks big sweet eyes an sexxzy lil attitude in wizards of waiverly place you know i think i have a new cruch lol no really she is dat perrty

  10. NaviD replied:

    I really want her. She is so cute. She is my girl of dream. How could I speak to her. I prefer her to all Girls of world… Selena listen my words…

  11. sonia replied:

    she iz looking too cute

  12. shehlakhattak replied:

    cull pic i love u saleena mmuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

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