Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus Lunch Date Talking About Music


Miley Cyrus and ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas hop out of his vintage Mustang Cobra as they lunch at The Village Idiot in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 11).

The 16-year-old Disney princess tweeted during the meal, saying, “Eating lunch and talking about music with an old friend.” Do you think it’s coincidental that Mileydreamed of “Prince Charming” Nick last week? She told JJJ, “I woke up and someone was chasing me in the mall. This is going to sound really weird and really stalkerish, but Nick JonasThe Jonas Brothers were having a concert and all their teenaged fans were attacking me. I was running and Nick tried to rescue me from it. He got me to their helicopter to escape. That was gold.”

The twosome apparently got into a little fender bender on their way out, video coming soon!

Hannah Montana The Movie opened on Friday and was the best opening day of all-time for a G-rated live-action film. It earned $17.1 million, besting the $17 earned byHSM3 on its first day


April 12, 2009. Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus.


  1. theena minton replied:

    cutest couple in the history of couples ❤

    hope they get back together!

  2. katie replied:

    niley 4eva
    nelena wateva

  3. EdwinaLovesNick replied:

    I love Nick SOOO much xx
    but ino ill never get him 😦
    so i think they ar cute together xx ❤ xx

  4. IMxDolly replied:

    I hate miley cirus :@

    I like , Nick Jonas (l)

  5. IMxDolly replied:

    Ps : Happy birthday Joe , we love you very very very much 🙂

    By Dolly .

  6. mofekunola obilanade replied:

    hi miley and nick u guys make a good couples together l wish u good luck love from a fan well not actually afan judt a friend u don know mofekunolasalu obilanade love u guys bye

  7. lorie replied:

    nick jonas et trop beau ouais c est cool non…

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