Emma Watson Is A Party Girl

Girls just wanna’ have fun, and that’s exactly what the lovely young Emma Watson is doing. Turning 18 less than year ago, the actress went out to multiple clubs last night such as Whisky Mist in Mayfair and Bungalow 8, then struggled walking home at 2:30 am.

The “Harry Potter” star was glammed up on her way to the clubs, but reportedly left looking a little worse for wear.

Since turning 18 last April, Miss Watson has become a regular on London’s party scene, as well as at the front row fashion shows in Paris.

The young actress says that, although she has a social status, she is absolutely no party girl. She told the Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine, “’I’m not tempted by parties or drugs. I don’t actually like being drunk, particularly in public.”

Although Watson was a bit disheveled leaving, she says, “But I do understand why people get sucked into a party lifestyle. I can see how it happens so I’d never criticize someone who gets into all that. It can be pretty tough.”

As she turned 18, Emma has had many other interesting offers – but cannot see herself as a sex symbol to the media. Explaining, she said, “I know everyone wants a picture of me in a mini skirt. But that’s not me. It’s nothing to do with protecting the Hermoine image. I’d never go out in a miniskirt.”

Watson is also taking a break from education, although she just received her A levels last year and wants to go to a university soon. “ I actually think going to a university will make me a better actress. The experience of living like that, working to deadlines, living with other students. It’s all the things I want.”

Also happening in Watson’s life is an approach by Greenpeace to become an ambassador for the environmental charity. “Emma would be perfect for us. She’s posh, pretty, brainy, and committed. She’s also not too star struck to care if it’s seen as vaguely controversial. She would really help.”

Meanwhile, Emma will next to be seen playing Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” in July


April 11, 2009. Emma Watson.

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