Dakota Fanning, ‘Early Morning Workout Session’

Maintaining her active lifestyleDakota Fanning was spotted getting in an early morning workout session at a Los Angeles fitness center yesterday (April 10).

The “Secret Life of Bees” actress sported a peace sign necklace as she emerged from the gym, carrying a bottle of Gatorade and of course, her BlackBerry.

Later on, Miss Fanning paid a visit to a local spa to help relax her sore muscles.  She looked to be in a bit of a hurry as she ran down the sidewalk, still managing to text a friend on her phone.

The day before, 15-year-old Dakota helped her 11-year-old sister Elle celebrate her birthday at Disneyland in Anaheim, spending some time with chipmunks Chip and Dale at the “Celebration Roundup & Barbecue.


April 11, 2009. Dakota Fanning.

One Comment

  1. fabulouslyglamorous replied:

    All she’s all grown up, I love her =)
    Come get your beauty fix=)


    P.S Love your page…so cute…i’m def coming back

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