Miley Cyrus:”Nick Is My Fave Jonas!”

Miley Cyrus appeared on the TV show The View today (Whoopi! Miley!) and dished about the “Prince Charming” in her new book – and admitted again that Nick Jonaswas the one wearing the crown!nd even though Prince Charming broke her heart (and drove her into the big, big arms of an underwear model!), she still loves Nick – in fact, she said he’s her favorite Jonas!


March 10, 2009. Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus.

One Comment

  1. ilovemiley replied:

    I think that it is crazy that Miley is back w/nick. He scares me with any girl who he dates because he always tries to change them. It drives crazy because then the girls might think that they are ugly and they do not fit in anywhere. I’m just scared that Miley is going to get hurt again. SO Miley what I’m saying is that you have to watch him carefully.

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