Hayden Panerriere Hits The Beach In Hawaii

 Hayden Panettiere has been enjoying a trip to Hawaii, since Heroes wrapped up the filming of  Season 3 last week. I have never been there but it is high on the places I want to go.

Hollywood Dame is reporting that Hayden has been a big grumpy lately, throwing a temper tantrum at the paparazzi on the red carpet.“A female television reporter touched her shoulder and asked“May we talk with you, Hayden?“ Miffed, the actress jerked her head around and screamed, “Don’t you ever touch me!” She then icily asked a red carpet handler, “Oh, am I supposed to do interviews?” Approaching various media outlets, she snapped again: “You all make my life miserable” and refused to answer any questions.I’m just sure she was just having a bad day. It has to be hard to be in the spotlight sometimes when you are going through things of your own and you want to just be left alone.


March 10, 2009. Hayden Panettiere.

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