iCarly Look-Alikes!

Costars Miranda Cosgrove andJennette McCurdy take on their look-a-likes in the brand-new iCarlyepisode, iLook Alike.In the upcoming episode, Carly (Cosgrove), Sam (McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) get look-a-likes to trick Spencer (Jerry Trainor) when they sneak out to see a mixed-martial-arts fight. Malese Jow stars as Carly’s look-a-like.


March 6, 2009. Miranda Cosgrove.


  1. destiny replied:

    I love watching icarly and icarly i look alike it was so cool is saw pictures of sam freddy and carly look alike on icarly.com

  2. destiny replied:

    and i saw the look alike pictures on the internet on icarly.com and google.com

  3. destiny replied:

    freddy is so so cute and he is good and the lights and camra but nevel he is ugly and a geek

    • matt mcdaniel replied:

      wow!!!! they all lool so much alike i can not tell the difference, and i think i carly is the best show ever i think it is even better than family guy.

  4. jordan replied:

    it amazes me how they can find stunt doubles that look more alike then they do so i don’t get who could actually be so deanse as to fall for that faske get up reallt people look at them me and my fish look more alike then that and i look nothing like my fish for all you are wandering so who ever thinks that they really are so cool and think they look alike you are stupid really?? get a brain people and some commonsense i hear there really hard to find in america.

  5. jordan replied:

    oh by the way family guy sucks sobad i think it should be cancled frover really but i do love i carly don’t get me wrong.

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