Emma Roberts Calls Nick Jonas a Player!

Emma Roberts graces the April cover of Teen Vogue and inside she talks about acting, fashion, driving and dating. When it comes to dating she has some words of advice, including never dating a costar!“I remember being twelve,” she tells Teen Vogue, “and thinking, I can’t wait until I’m sixteen, because by then I’m going to have a car, a driver’s license, a really cool boyfriend, and boobs. And now I’m eighteen and I have none of those things. None! That was my twelve-year-old self’s checklist, and nothing has been checked off.” ‘But when it comes to boyfriends, the Wild Child actress reveals that dating a costar is a bad idea. “It’s great when you’re shooting,” she admits. “But when it’s a year later and you have to do press and you’re no longer speaking, that can be a bit awkward.”Emma won’t reveal who she’s speaking about, but her love interest on Wild ChildAlex Pettyfer, appears to be a likely suspect!As for who she is looking to date, Emma says that she is “looking to musicians now.” But not the Jonas Brothers!“I used to have a crush on Nick, but he’s kind of making his rounds in Hollywood, and I don’t know if I like that,” she says.



March 2, 2009. Emma Roberts, Jonas Brothers.

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