David And Selena Dating?

s there magic brewing between Selena Gomez and David Henrie?
While filming the Wizards of Waverly Place movie down in Puerto Rico, it seems that the on-screen siblings are getting mighty close these days (is that kinda gross?). They even went to a restaurant known as a date hotspot in San Juan, according toOceanUp. (Pic above is from David’s Twitter page.)If you’ve been checking out Twitter, you got the inside scoop. (By the way, would a wizard twitter be called Twizzer?)!When Perez Hilton asked David if he was dating Selena (who recently split from Nick Jonas), he responded “wouldn’t you like to knowww.” Uh, yeah David, we would!Well, if the two are getting romantic, we’ve got some date suggestions for them – wizard style!

1. A casual dinner at Waverly Place Sub Station

2. A fashion show. Just so long as it’s not Harper’s. Yikes!

3. Watching a movie, as long as it’s not Jonas Brothers in 3D. Too soon forSelena. How about renting Harry Potter?

4. Wand shopping. A girl always loves to be pampered.


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Selena Gomez Looks Up To Britney Spears

Selena Gomez says that she looks up to Britney Spears as one of her role models because she’s strong. Selena told Latina magazine that. “In a way, Britney can be someone to look up to. She was constantly being looked at and picked on.” Selena admits that she’s having the same things happen to her.“It’s starting to happen to me. At the moment, I don’t have anything good they can pick on me with, but they’ll find something. Maybe I can be as strong,” she says.Asked about being picked as the top choice on Perez Hilton’s favorite list, Selena reveals, “I felt like it was a school yearbook and I made most popular. I’ve never met him, but he’s been very nice to me. That’s a good thing, ’cause not everybody is so nice.

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Aly&Aj Are Malibu Michalkas

Singing sisters Alyson and AJ Michalka dolled up for Barbie’s 50th Anniversary celebration at the Malibu Dream House in Los Angeles on Monday evening (March 9).The twosome are currently working on songs for their fourth album.Aly, 19, will next be seen starring alongside Vanessa Hudgens in Bandslam. She plays Charlotte Banksasks, the popular girl who forms an unlikely friendship with an outcast through their love of music.Bandslam hits theaters in August.

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Selena Gomez Wizards Of Waverly Place Door

wizards of waverly place star Selena Gomez, has her door sticked up with pictures of her and her friends. Do you think its cute?

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Zac Efron Jets Off To Australia

Zac Efron kept his eyes protected as he headed into LAX Airport last night on his way to Australia. The High School Musical hottie is on his way to Sydney for the premiere of his new film, 17 Again. In the movie Zac plays Mike O’Donnell, who has gone back to high school to change how he lived his life. The movie also stars Matthew Perry as the older version of Mike.Zac is set to appear on the popular Australian talk show, Rove, along with Russell Brand.

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Ashley Tidale Shows Yankee Pride At Warner Brothers

Out taking care of the day’s business duties, Ashley Tisdale was spotted with a friend at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles on Monday (March 9).The Disney starlet showed off her New York Yankees pride as she sipped on her iced coffee drink upon passing by the always-present paparazzi.Meanwhile, Tizzie recently opened up in an interview with Cosmo, talking about her new movie and love of singing and acting.Talking about “They Came From Upstairs,” Ashley tells, “It’s really fun. It’s an action comedy. My character, Bethany, is so much different from Sharpay. Bethany is older than Sharpay, she just graduated high school. She’s just so in love with her boyfriend. She’s so madly in love with him that she doesn’t know what is going on when the aliens invade at first.”Continuing to explain how passionate she is about her career in show business, the 23-year-old said, “I’m definitely passionate about acting and singing, I can’t choose. The acting is playing characters and stepping into someone else’s shoes which is so much fun. The music, is really, who I am.”

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Taylor Swift Is Drop Dead Gorgeous:’Fearless’ pics

 Taylor Swift’s album ‘Fearless‘ has been a HUGE hit.  I love it!  Miss Swift did an amazing photo shoot for the album and I think she is absolutely stunning in it. Taylor has such a bright light about her.  It must be all that youthful energy combined with mega talent :) If you haven’t heard ‘Fearless‘ you must go get a copy or download it on iTunes!

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Hayden Panerriere Hits The Beach In Hawaii

 Hayden Panettiere has been enjoying a trip to Hawaii, since Heroes wrapped up the filming of  Season 3 last week. I have never been there but it is high on the places I want to go.

Hollywood Dame is reporting that Hayden has been a big grumpy lately, throwing a temper tantrum at the paparazzi on the red carpet.“A female television reporter touched her shoulder and asked“May we talk with you, Hayden?“ Miffed, the actress jerked her head around and screamed, “Don’t you ever touch me!” She then icily asked a red carpet handler, “Oh, am I supposed to do interviews?” Approaching various media outlets, she snapped again: “You all make my life miserable” and refused to answer any questions.I’m just sure she was just having a bad day. It has to be hard to be in the spotlight sometimes when you are going through things of your own and you want to just be left alone.

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Kristen Stewart:’My Family Is Perfect’

Kristen Stewart insists she never had problems coping with her teenage years – because her family is so “perfect”. The 18-year-old actress – who is currently filmingTwilight sequel New Moon in Vancouver, Canada – has found it easy growing up. She says, “I have sort of a picture perfect family. My parents are awesome and my brothers are like my best friends. But you change.“You’re so yourself when you’re a little kid, and then you turn 13 and all of a sudden you are concerned about what you look like and you have all these insecurities.“But, then, after you go through the different stages there’s like a sort of triumphant, ‘I’m done with that, and I’m becoming who I am.’ That’s where I am now, I think.”

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Miley Cyrus:’ I Want My Fans To Understand Me’

Miley Cyrus has revealed why she decided to pen her new autobiography so people could relate to her after hearing her opinion. The Hannah Montana star, 16, believes it’s important that her legions of fans understand her.She says, “I wanted people to relate to me more.“I think it’s really important for the fans to feel that they’re like you and not just someone they can look up to.”In the tome, called Miles to Go, Miley describes her pre-teen years as “friendless, lonely and miserable”.“The girls took it beyond normal bullying. These were big, tough girls,” she writes. “I was scrawny and short. They were fully capable of doing me bodily harm.”

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