Miley Cyrus Journals Relationship With Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus reveals the dates she fell in love AND broke up with her ‘Prince Charming‘ (Nick Jonas) in her new book Miles To Go.“Hannah Montana had only been on air a few months when I went to a benefit for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I remember the exact date: June 11, 2006,” Miley writes “It was the day I met my first love. Let’s call him Prince Charming. I don’t want to use his name because this isn’t about who he is or what I meant to him. It’s about how I felt and what our relationship meant to me.So we were at this benefit, and I didn’t know anything about the prince except I knew from a friend that he thought I was pretty. He came up to me with bunch of guy friends and introduced himself. Instantly, I wanted them to go to go away and just to be with him.Prince Charming and I broke up on December 19, 2007. The hardest day ever. My life felt like it had ground to a halt, but the rest of the world kept right on rolling. I was on tour. People were counting on me.” .


February 22, 2009. Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus.


  1. Riley replied:

    you and nick were a good couple but whyed u guys break up?wtf?but him and selena brooke up so dont worry but the guy ur dating is like 8 years older than u hes not the one get another hot guy cause theres plenty that would date u but thats my opnion but my opinion is i would so date joe jonas hes the one whoes not in the drama or atleast hang out but i dont know theres alot of drama in ur life i would just move on but what ev peaceout email me back thanks peace <33

    • Kayleigh replied:

      just reminding you i ain’t miley cyrus 🙂
      big fan,big fan!

  2. tkeya replied:

    hey gurl u and nick made a good couple but things happen in and out of a relationship just move on their are plenty of guys for u not only nick but he is sexy and hot by kiki

  3. tkeya replied:

    hope tha u email me bac tho………hav fun and i bet u will find some one even better

  4. akellah replied:

    love it but i would love if you wrote the person name..

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