Miley And Noah Cyrus: Sisterly Love

Never letting her overwhelming success come before family, Miley Cyrus was spotted goofing around with her sister Noah at home yesterday (February 20).The “Hannah Montana” hottie definitely looked the part of a loving big sister as she hugged her younger sibling and smiled for the camera.


February 22, 2009. Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus.


  1. Dale Smoothy replied:

    How Swweet

  2. rosie miley replied:

    i love tht pictur me nd my sister have lost it you see we’re twins and we cant be bothered wiv each other well she died so its just me bnd i still member her i but i miss her so i always sing a miley cyrus song like I MISS YOU WITH MY FRIENDS?

  3. tkeya a.k.a kiki replied:


  4. alexa7564 replied:

    ya right i dont believe that that grls sister died that is such a lie! :p GOSH U IDIOT!!!

  5. keila replied:

    wow. eww is that hair on the floor?!?!

  6. Saira replied:

    i did’t kwn that u not have sister haha lol so right u have sister and whta abaout brother ?

  7. sasa replied:

    is cool and very goddess

    sorry for this but i am from greece my name is anna

  8. rishaun bowe replied:

    miley i am your biggest fan i live in the bahamas i when to you consert over atlantis paridice island
    hey bye the was you sis is relly cute in like your picture love you

  9. vanessafan101 replied:

    That doesn’t look like Noah oh and I’m Miley’sbiggest fan evea!! Even tough my username is wrong

  10. ceylin replied:

    hannah montana I love you I am a big fan of you I am ten years old I AM from istan bul…

  11. Elizabeth replied:

    Im ur big fan mily cyrus/hannah montana, i hear ur song all the times when i go the computure lol

  12. elizabeth replied:

    i wish i could go to one of ur concert to see u face to face so i could get ur aredagraph on my magazine lol ur fan

  13. lucyboo replied:

    well.. omg..;-)

    i ♥ u soo much ,, but what i hav 2 say izz dat.. im such a fan of u ‘N noah.. mann..!!! yaoo look both really pretty.. my name izz lucyboo ♥♥.. and wanted 2 say dat..mmwhen r you comin..??♥♥ luv ya

  14. Mileyfan4evz2k9 replied:

    Hi Miley! i live in the U.K and i’m 1 of yr biggest fanz… i luv yr music n yr family! all i wanted too say iz that i can’t wait for you too come ovr for yr u.k concerts!!! cya ther byeee!!!!

  15. florencia replied:

    stupid idot noah

  16. NoahMileyCyrus97 replied:

    They Are beathiful

  17. `p9idw replied:

    k guapas

  18. Agustina replied:

    you are so stupid Miley that everybody hates to you! I feel it but your film is a disgust! Thousand greetings of Augustina of Argentina that is with a translator! Kisses! I love Noah!

  19. arfiya replied:

    how cueeeeeeeeeeee i naver knew that miley had a lil sis she cute

  20. Miley Cyrus replied:

    wtf is this thats so fake like i hate noah shes my anoying little sista and i know someone that would be the better sister lol

  21. Bedava film izle replied:

    really cute

  22. kaitlynn replied:

    that is just like me and my older sis lol

  23. camryn replied:

    Hey miley I am a big fan of you Do you like being famous

  24. sophia replied:

    love the pic do not know why

  25. nouha replied:

    je taimme miley ta soeur elle et migonne et toi tes belle j’ aimme bien tes chonson miley et tes belle dans les foto. Moi j’aime bien etre comme toi une star . BISOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  26. cansu replied:

    i love miley and noah

  27. cansu replied:

    ich habe am gleichen tag geburtstag wie du miley i love you

  28. miley cyrus replied:

    i m so cool so so so cool

  29. Maja replied:

    Kurde nie piszcie wszyscy o angielsku…I am Maja and I am from Poland.Your sister is……She is very, very young.

  30. JAZMIN replied:

    i love this photo its so cool il put it on msn bye love u all


  31. mcyrus replied:

    i love miley she is sOO beautiful !! miley is brown but noah not she is white haha .No problem miley is soo beutiful that i can sayy she is much beautiful as NOAH MILEYYY 4EVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  32. lessie replied:

    i love MİLEY CYRUS.
    noah cyrus is very sweet!!!
    they are (miley and noah)best sister in the WORLD!

  33. grass replied:

    hi my names sexy grass i am so sexy

  34. grass replied:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy
    sooooooooooooooooooooooo very sexy
    sooooooooooooooooooooooo sooo very sexy
    sooooooooooooooooooooooo sooo very berry sexy
    sooooooooooooooooooooooo sooo very berry very sexy
    well you get the idea dont you

  35. grass replied:

    do you like bannans russel
    do you like cats
    i like bannans russel
    but i hate cats

  36. grass replied:

    im a bit peckish im off to get some ice

  37. grass replied:

    the women want him the men wannt to be him … he just wants the men

  38. mona lisa replied:

    my name is mrs far (mrs fart) im soo greesy you could use me as a mirror i would be honord to be your mirror miley

  39. miley cyrus replied:

    hey yall thx for supporting me god bless 🙂

  40. neya boo replied:

    omg i am miley cyrus’s biggest fan evva i live in georga 😀 i am your #1 fan bye!!!!!!!

  41. cocobutter replied:

    you r not miley cyrus faker

  42. neyaboo replied:


  43. najma replied:

    wat r u doing miley the slut

  44. najma replied:

    wat r u doing.

  45. VallarieRox123 replied:

    ilove u miley i was yourbiggest 1#fann eva ever since i was 7 and now im 10. I have everything hannah montana in my room and know everything about u guys uguys are sooo talented and very pretty. I luv all ur songs especially Rockstar. Luv U I lov the noieandems show!!!!!!

  46. Meshell replied:

    OMG!!!!!! I FREAKIN HATE THEMBOTH NOAH NEEDS BRACES AND MILEY NEEDS A DIFFERENT SAD FACE shit. Noah thinks shes soooooooooooooo famous and that freakin popular wich shes not.Once my sisiter whos 15 met her and noah cyrus just came and pushed her. I hate them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hege (Norwegian) replied:

    Hello, please see on my website.
    That was a wery nice picture 🙂

  48. sexy replied:

    u fucking miley and noah!
    miley is better and has sexy boobs but noah thinks dat she’s beautiful or famous??
    noah is fuckin fuckin! she really need braces!
    u fuckin sisters 😀

  49. sexy replied:

    meshell ur really right
    i hate dem

    any1 who wants can call me at dis numbers

    64647301, 9949056020 and wen u call jus say hey sexu ur fuckin and have very good boobs and im a frnd of ur daughter, and if u dont say i cant talk

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