Obtains Real Rihanna LAPD Photo


On the even of her 21st birthday, obtained and published a picture LAPD obtained after Rihanna was allegedly assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown. This is shocking, and saddening.  Not that we hadn’t already heard the details of the incident itself, but to see it, in all of its corpse-like “glory”, truly puts a lid on what we’ve all been thinking and feeling about Brown.He cannot continue to skirt acknowleding this if he has any hopes for continuing on in the industry.Our hearts go out to Ri Ri.  How would we feel if this were our sister/daughter/friend?


February 21, 2009. Rihanna.


  1. Celorie replied:

    I think chris browns music should no longer be played because he has disapointed us

    • Kayleigh replied:

      I Totally Agree With You.
      I Heard People On The Radio Saying Are Not Playing Any Of His Songs 🙂
      Lets Just Hope He Gets Put In Prison.
      Poor Rihanna.It Was Just Before Her 21st Too.

  2. Celorie replied:

    I think chris brown is no longer a romodel and that was not a good example he demonstrated to the youth.He deserves to be in jail

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